Zuma in Miami Florida is a well-known Japanese Restaurant with a 5-star rating due to its friendly atmosphere, great customer service, beautiful décor within their Restaurant. Many of their Customers have described their Customer Service as great, quick, fast as well as high quality; each server and waitress are always quick to serve their customers, they are always fast when it comes to serving their customer’s food and drinks. Customers have also commented on how well of a selection Zuma offers their customers, from Sushi to Seafood, Meats, Breakfast, Salads, and Deserts which all cater to their customer’s different food likes and dislikes. 

 One of the biggest reasons why so many people have given Zuma these 5-star reviews is based on a few things such as their location is in the heart of Downtown Miami, they have brought their customers Modern Styles of Japanese Cuisines they can customize and order to their liking and how well Zuma can adjust to their customer’s wants and likes with their Food Selections. Zuma also offers Delivery for their Customers who might be at work or for those who cannot travel to Zuma. Another feature customers like about Zuma is the fact they have a Critically Acclaimed Chef in their Restaurant bringing their customers’ genuine Japanese Cuisines which makes their customers feel like they’re ordering their cuisine right from a Japan Restaurant in Japan. Zuma also has different locations for their Restaurant such as London, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Istanbul which allows them to find different styles of food which they can incorporate with their menu selections. Customers have also stated they enjoyed their dinner at Zuma due to their top-notch cleanliness, the great service they received while they were either eating or ordering their drinks and food as well as the scenic views they were able to enjoy while they were eating.

Zuma in Miami, Florida

Address: 270 Biscayne Blvd Way, Miami, FL 33131

Phone number: (305) 577-0277