Are you planning on getting married during these trying times and are not sure your best option in terms of venue? Well, having your celebration on a yacht might be a great idea for you and your significant other. Some pros of having your wedding with us include-  

You already have a specific limit of people allowed on board, so there’s no need to worry about who you didn’t invite. Most people understand yacht weddings are very private and limited when it comes to who can attend. We usually tell the bride and groom to invite around 8-10 people as 1 or 2 extras might just show up. You’d rather leave wiggle room rather than have to tell someone they’re not allowed to come after they already got ready and showed up. Although the limit of people might be a bother, it actually makes the wedding planning a bit simpler.  

You don’t have to worry about decorations if you don’t want to- simply give us your color scheme and we will work with your ideas. You have the option to do this completely on your own but it is one of the services we offer. 

You can choose where in Miami the ceremony takes place. Do you want the Miami skyline as your backdrop? Or Key Biscayne? Wherever you want to be as the celebration is taking place, we can make it happen!