Venetian Islands in Miami Beach, Florida

The Venetian Islands in Miami

This post today is about a well-sought after, hard to reside in, area of Miami Beach called the Venetian Islands. The Venetian Islands is a chain of islands in Miami Beach.
If you’re looking to move to the Venetian Islands it’s important to take note that it is technically a neighborhood within Miami Beach, but it sits right between Downtown Miami and Miami Beach. You can walk along the Venetian causeway to get straight from the downtown area to Miami beach by walking through the Venetian Islands itself. The Venetian Causeway is about 2.8 miles long and is one of the most beautiful roads to drive down because when you’re going west, you get a view of the downtown skyline and the sun setting right along the marina, and when you’re going east, you get to see the park, the beautiful homes, and crystal clear ocean water on both sides of the road. The prime time for locals to go on a walk on the Venetian is around 5:30pm during the winter. That is right around the time that the sun is setting, so you get that beautiful color in the sky with the nice downtown skyline in front of it. Not only are there walkers, but you’ll see a ton of runners and bikers as well.

Finding a Property in the Venetian Islands

Finding a property in this area is going to be extremely expensive with few options to choose from. As more people move to Miami, the number of luxury homes on the market continues to decrease along with the luxury condimiums too. The section of the Venetian Islands that groups most of the condiminium buildings is Belle Isle, the biggest of them all that is also closer to the Miami Beach side of the causeway. It has a hefty price tag on it just like the rest of the island, however the majority of the real estate on the Ventian Islands are single family homes.
The last island closest to Downtown Miami is all single family homes. The Venetian islands are all artificial islands and you can guess that just by their perfect shapes. Biscayne bay is the water that surrounds the bridge and islands.

Maurice Gibb Memorial Park on 18th Street and Purdy Avenue

Maurice Gibb is a beautiful waterfront park in Miami Beach that is lined with tons of palm trees and a sidewalk to make your way through. It was originally names the Island View park, but later was changed to Maurice Gibb Memorial Park after the passing of Bee Gees member Maurice. He passed from a heart attack in 2003 and will forever be remember by this breathtaking memorial in his name and his wonderful music.