The Miami Beach Edition in Miami Beach, Florida

The Miami Beach Edition is a high-end Luxury Hotel located by the Miami Beach in Miami Florida, which offers different types of rooms and suites for their Customers as well as pools, spas, and world-class entertainment. The Miami Beach Edition also has a few Gyms, a Beach Club, Oceanfront Views, a Retail store as well as Bungalows for their customers to choose from and utilize while they are enjoying their stay at The Miami Beach Edition. Their customers have rated their Hotel and Spa Resort as a 4.6 out of 5 stars based on the cleanliness of their Hotel Rooms, their friendliness of their staff, and their price ranges which depend on their customers wants and desires with their Hotel Rooms. 

The lobby. Beautiful!

The Miami Beach Edition Features

 Other Features of The Miami Beach Edition that catch their customers’ attention the most would be how close their Hotel is to the Iconic Miami Beach Boardwalk which most of their adventurous Customers enjoy the most. They also offer their customers different amenities such as Free Wi-Fi, Paid Parking, Laundry Services, Air-Conditioned Rooms, Outdoor Pools as well as having Handicapped Accessible Areas for their customers to use and get, to enjoy their stay. Other amenities their customers have enjoyed while they stayed at The Miami Beach Edition include an Indoor and outdoor bar, Snorkeling activities, Water Skiing activities, Concierge, Scuba Diving, a Convenience Store for customers to visit as well as Hot Tubs and Activities for their customers’ kids. The Miami Beach Edition is also rated on how clean their Spa is, how clean and friendly their Gym Rooms are, and how well maintained their staff members are when it comes to customer service. They truly care about their customer’s needs and wants are when their customers stay at their Hotel while on their vacations with their family and friends.

The Miami Beach Edition

Address: 2901 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

Phone: (786) 257-4500



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