Bodega Taqueria y Tequila South Beach

Bodega Taqueria is your not-so-secret speakeasy in South Beach. You walk up to a taco shack looking place with picnic tables, lights, people with their dogs, and friends drinking and having a good time. What you don’t know at this point however, is that there’s a whole bar/lounge when you walk through the “bathroom” door on the right side of the taco stand. Through the entryway wall lined with urinals brings you through another door into the lounge.

Bodega is a super popular spot for happy hour or late-night drinking sessions for the locals and friends of the locals that come into town. Unless a tourist saw Bodega walking down the street, chances are they’d never expect anything like wht it has to offer inside.

Before COVID days, this place would have a line out of the bathroom with well over 25 people in it. There would be a different drink or shot special every night of the weekend, and some great local DJs started declaring their residencies on week nights starting at 10pm to around 5am in the morning. Miami Beach is an extremely party-friendly city, and leaving it up to just the clubs to get those tables filled is a thing of the past. More taquerias and bars have popped up with bottle service and some have even stolen their idea from Bodega itself- we think at least.

Bodega in SoBe Has Inspired Many Others

A few of Bodega Taqueria’s competitors include Coyo Taco in Wynwood and El Santo Taqueria in Little Havanna. Our Rating from best to worst is Bodega>El Santo>Coyo Taco.

Coyo Taco in Wynwood’s secret lounge area is extremely small. Bodega’s lounge is huge and El Santo’s is in the middle when comparing size.

Everyday of the week, Bodega has happy from 6-8pm. This includes $2 tacos, $5 chips and guac, and drink weekly drink specials. A new location recently opened up in Fort Lauderdale, Fl!

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