NAOE is Miami Based Restaurant which is a Japanese Restaurant, located on Brickell Key Drive in Miami Florida, NAOE is well known as a High-End Restaurant where you will need to request a reservation to eat in their restaurant. NAOE offers their customers a Chef’s Choice type of menu, which entails Authentic Japanese Food selections as well as Homemade menu selections based on the Chef’s menu. NAOE is one of the most well-known Omakase restaurants in Miami and has been rated by their customers as 4.7 out of 5 stars for their exquisite taste in menu options, as well as amazing dining options and cleanliness of their restaurant. 

 Many of their customers have stated they specifically enjoyed how fresh their food and appetizers were every single time they eat at NAOE as well as how superb their customer service was and how clean their restaurant is. The professionalism of NAOE is what keeps their customers coming back more and more and which also keeps their customers telling and recommending NAOE to their friends and family as well as sharing their experiences online on social media websites. 

 Even Forbes has made a statement on their Social Media as well as in their Magazine about NAOE which they stated that NAOE is one of the world’s best restaurants with superb service for their customers, for their amazing food selections as well as how amazing their restaurant looks each time, they have gone to NAOE and ate their food. NAOE also offers their customers a special seating arrangement called Private Dining, which allows their customers to personally pick out their designated seats, and NAOE reserves their customers seating arrangements with ease. Many of their customers have stated they enjoy it when NAOE offers Private Dining mainly because they can enjoy their food in private without having to worry about other customers being around or watching them eat.

NAOE Restaurant Located in Miami, Florida

Address: 661 Brickell Key Dr, Miami, FL 33131

Phone number: (305) 947-6263