NaiYaRa is best described as a Thai and Sushi Restaurant in Miami Florida, they have been rated a 4.3 out of 5 stars by their customers based on NaiYaRa’s atmosphere, their superb food selections as well as how fresh their food tastes each time their customer orders food. Their customers have stated they enjoyed their menu options as well as their fast service and servers as well as how fresh their food is made and how amazing their Sushi tastes. Known as one of the best Sushi and Thai Restaurants, their customers also compliment them on how maintained and clean their restaurant is every time they go to their restaurant to eat. Another big feacture that keep their customers coming back for more is how positive and quiet their atmosphere is whenever their customers are dining in or taking out their food, NaiYaRa also offers take outs, delivery, and dining room options for their customers.

Most of their customers also enjoy how NaiYaRa always switches up their menu selections which gives their customers different food options to choose from, their customers enjoy this mainly because they can always try new food as well as mixing things up a little bit. But for those who look to order the same thing they ordered the last time they were there at NaiYaRa, you can still order the same thing, they won’t take their highest requested and high quality foods off their menus. Due to popular demand, NaiYaRa has also installed a Sushi Bar in their restaurant for their customers who enjoy Sushi, this was one of the most requested renovation moves asked by their customers. NaiYaRa is always switching up the theme and color of their restaurant in order to keep catching their customer’s eye as well as being one of the topics to talk about with their customers if their customers ask questions about their restaurant.

Naiyara Thai & Sushi in Miami

1854 Bay Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

(786) 275-6005