Many times we go on vacation, we have a full schedule planned out for each day we are in said city, exploring the grounds and taking in the most noteworthy areas we are near. Other times, however, we go to a new place like Miami and don’t have anything set to see or do. This also most likely depends on the type of person you are, but luckily for you all visiting Vice City, most people in the area fly by the seat of their pants and make their plans last minute. This holds true for boat services including yacht rentals and charters, fishing boats, and dinner cruises too.

When it comes to boat rental services in the city, Miami makes way for a vast experience that can be anything from scuba diving to jet skiing, to sandbar hopping and more. Looking to visit a restaurant on the water? They offer that too. Something important to keep in mind when you are paying a boat rental service company is their reputation, the view their past clients have of them, and what makes them different than the other companies that are their typical competitors out there. A great way to get the run down of the yacht or boat rental service you are going to go with is by checking out their Google reviews or Yelp reviews. Since Yelp isn’t as trustworthy or often visited as Google, we recommend checking out their Google page first. Like what you see? Give them a call and ask if they are currently offering any deals for a 4 or 8-hour charter. If so, ask for a list of boat prices and sizes, along with any restrictions that might be tied to it. This includes allowed number of passengers- this is a state law so all boat rental companies should have similar or the same restrictions.

After you know you want to work with this yacht rental company, ask them who the captain is and what route they usually take. Chances are, if you know the area and make it clear you want to visit certain spots, they will easily make it happen and route the most beautiful way to get there so you can enjoy the scenery just like they are doing right alongside with you.

If you are looking to rent a yacht, it will get pretty pricey but the bigger the yacht the more enjoyable it’ll be and the more that will come included with your charter. Whether that’s food, drinks, water activities, jet skis, or a special destination, you will be treated like kings and queens if you book a charter on a yacht 80′ and up in the pristine Miami waters. Aside from what we mentioned above, you might also want to plan any potential stops at restaurants, bars, or shops that are waterfront where you can dock up and jump out. Casablanca, Kiki’s, and more are out there waiting to be visited by you and your guests. They have special yacht and boat dockage, so just call before and make sure they’ll have a spot available for you.

Yacht Rentals in Miami, FL


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