Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach’s Backyard!

3 acres of tropical gardens in Miami, Florida? Sounds like a destination that everyone would benefit from visiting! The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens sometimes known as, “Miami Beach’s Backyard,” strives to promote environmental enjoyment, the arts, and interaction with the natural world. The breathtaking, sprawling landscape encompasses many different gardens for visitors to enjoy with leisure or guided tours are available for a more informational journey.

From Collins Canal Promenade to the Palm Garden, each secion of the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is meticulously maintained to perfection. The Edible Garden provides sustainable, fresh food and herbs to be used for workshops and events on the premises. Here you will find delectible papayas, pineapples, starfruit, Brazilian cherries, and even coffee! Products of the Edible Garden including seeds and herbs can also be found for purchase in the Botanical Boutique. While you’re there, checking out the water features is a must. Water is a focal point throughout the gardens and to amplify that, you will see a beautiful, refurbished fountain designed by Morris Lapidus, who is known for his Miami Modern designs. Endless flowering water lilies and pond apple trees surround the water feature attracting dragonflies, butterflies, koi fish turtles.

Wildlife at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Wildlife is welcomed at these Botanical Gardens as they provide a healthy sanctuary in the typically, urban area. Expect to see a wide range of birds, fish, and a growing population of honey bees. Be mindful of the wildlife while visiting the gardens as this habitat is an area of security and peace for them too.

This lush landscape is the perfect place to spend some time away from chaos and connect with nature! Miami Beach Botanical Garden has plenty of space to relax and take in nature’s beauty all while just a quick trip away from Miami’s best beaches.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

2000 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: 305.673.PALM (7256)