Dodge Island in Miami, Florida is a manmade island that is the home of the Port of Miami. There, both cargo and cruise ships can reach Miami.

The history of Dodge Island

 Dodge Island used to be a lot smaller, serving a similar purpose, just on a smaller scale. In its beginnings, it didn’t have a definite name. When the director of the City of Miami Planning Board met with a few friends and they asked what the name of the island was, he decided to name it “Dodge Island” after the friend’s shared the last name. 

 Now, the island has been combined with two other smaller manmade islands, giving the current location its larger size to manage more ships and people coming and going. 

What can you do on Dodge Island? 

 Because it is a cruise and other ship area, Dodge Island provides a look at the ocean surrounding Miami. If you want a good look, Dodge Island may be the place to go. Otherwise, taking your car across the MacArthur Causeway will provide a panoramic view of the ocean, Dodge Island, as well as the other islands in the area like Star Island. 

 If you have booked a cruise, or more specifically, a cruise through the Carnival Cruise line or the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, you will most likely be boarding your cruise at the Port of Miami on Dodge Island, as they both dock there. 

Dodge Island is an important part of Miami infrastructure

 Working to carry the load of ships that come into Florida, Dodge Island is an important aspect of the state. Whether you are visiting, driving by, or boarding your cruise line, Dodge Island in Miami Florida is surely something to check out while you’re in the area.