Best Restaurants to Visit in Lincoln Road- South Beach, Miami

There are endless numbers of restaurants to visit in Lincoln Road. You won’t find any other street strip in Miami like this one. Lincoln Road is a mile-long road which is pedestrian friendly because not a single bus, car, trolley, or motorcycle is allowed to drive through that strip making it more pleasant all around. Below you will learn about some of the most popular restaurants to visit while in this area.

Some of the Best Places to Eat


Icebox Café

This café is located on Purdy Avenue and it’s most famous for its ‘The Bomb’ cake. There is no better way to start off walking the Lincoln Road strip by visiting this place and enjoying a casual lunch with a refreshing drink. If you need any recommendation, their delectable blackened swordfish is delicious and it’s off their specialty menu. If you are in the mood to just have a drink, they have a blood-orange Margarita which is super refreshing.




Pizza Rustica

This Italian pizza place is one of people’s most favorite spots to visit. If you get hungry while shopping, this place is the perfect spot to grab a quick slice or if you are on the way to the beach, you can pick up a box of pizza as well. This place stays open late and serves unique slices of pizza, not your typical triangle slice keeping customers happy. Not only do they have amazing customer service, but they are also quick and it’s inexpensive. It is hard walking by Pizza Rustica and not grabbing a slice of pizza.



Sushi Samba

This restaurant is a fusion of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine which stands out on Lincoln Road. Sushi Samba is one of the best restaurants all throughout South Beach which offers both outdoor dining with promenade seating and an indoor lounge with a mural by Aaron de la Cruz and Brazilian style flooring to attract guests. Lincoln Road offers a variety display of human life, different cultures, and interesting characters making people-watch very entertaining. Almost all restaurants in Lincoln road have outdoor seating that way you can enjoy the ever-lively South Beach scene. Unfortunately, this location has closed 🙁 I felt the need to still talk about it because it was truly one of my favorite sushi spots in the city.


Shake Shack

Another option for both food and a place to just relax is Shake Shack, where you have the option of dining inside in the air conditioning or outside under some large umbrellas providing shade. You can enjoy a ShackBurger with frozen custard while being surrounded by oak trees which provide shade and their lush water gardens that altogether add a more natural aesthetic vibe.




Dylan’s Candy Bar

This is for all the sweet tooths out there! This candy bar has every flavor of ice cream and candy available which guarantees to always have a line of children out the door waiting to get their tasty treat.



The Frieze Ice Cream Factory

If you’ve turned down all the places I’ve mentioned above, then there can only be one reason. You’ve probably been saving your sweet tooth for an authentic homemade ice cream at this place located off the main strip in Miami Beach. This is a perfect place for a summer treat being that it’s hot outside. No worries if you are vegan because The Frieze Ice Cream Factory also offers non-dairy sorbets with seasonal fruit. The ones that are the most refreshing especially during that summer eat are the watermelon, champagne, and lychee sorbet flavors.


Lincoln Road in South Beach Has it All

Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, sushi, or ice cream, you’ve picked the right area to come to. As these are only a few highlighted spots, there’s a ton more to choose from. Our favorite special occasion restaurant in this area is probably Chotto Matte, which is right outside Lincoln Road, toting delicious Nikkei cuisine, a stunning ambience, and top-of-the-line customer service!


Chotto Matte’s Beautiful Bar Area